No longer in his late twenties, Martin is a projectionist at a cinema. He’s seeing movies A LOT. Like, the same films, 5 times a week. He makes films, and hails from Bristol, the self-proclaimed capitol of south-west England. He’s also the genius behind the podcast, and tries to edit all the episodes by himself.

The Norwegian with a sleek american accent, Tom is a retail salesman, filmmaker and hobby musician. He’s probably the most insane of them all, and if you tune in on the live shows, he might just pull out a guitar and sing about sticking stuff in your mouth.

Scouse belter-man. Owen is a northern extravaganza of a made up accent that nobody understands. He claims it’s just Liverpool Scouse, but we all know what made the Titanic sink. It wasn’t an iceberg. He also writes scripts, makes movies, and was in a band at some point in time.