Okay, that’s a bit vague.
This is just a lengthy rant, but stay with me.
Look at your computer monitor. Not just this text, but all around it. Notice all that white space at the far ends of the screen? Thought you might. It’s not exactly discreet. It’s sitting on both sides of the site you’re reading, and it’s really bothering me.
Now, why don’t I do something about it, you ask? Well, for starters, I don’t know jack shit about programming, and our current WordPress template doesn’t allow us to. We might change it,
But that’s not necessarily the most important bit. See, this isn’t just related to this site. In fact, nearly all social networks still cling to a non-wide format. Look at Facebook. As you can see, all “stories” are posted downwards, which makes sense, but on the sidebars, you’ve got some tools and ads, and then there’s white space. Twitter? Same thing, but even worse. Take even major news networks. Same thing.

If you ask me, all sites should be modular. I understand that not everybody is rocking 2.5K or 4K monitors, but more and more people are. Granted, a lot of you might even be reading this on a smart phone, but most sites take that into account, and adjust their pages to fit as best they can.
But when it comes to widescreens, they don’t. My computer has a 27″ 2560×1440, and the only advantage with that resolution, when thinking about browsing web sites, is that I can have two sites open, side-by-side, without losing anything. Now, that’s great and all, but then let’s look at the world’s most popular operating systems; Windows and OS X. Windows 8 introduced the Metro UI. While it wasn’t exactly loved across the board, it focused more and more on full-screen applications, including the infamous Internet Explorer. Pair this with a 1920×1080+ resolution and what do you get? WHITE SPACE. Now looking at OS X, 10.10 Yosemite and later all switched their maximise button to that of a full screen button. As of today, there’s only one Mac(MacBook Air. Both the Mini and the Mac Pro don’t count) that doesn’t have a retina screen, which means…. more. fucking. whitespace.

So how do we solve this? If developers want our experience to be fullscreen, then the sites should be as well. Sites like Facebook and twitter could be dynamic, scaled to the browser you’re currently viewing them in. Obviously, Twitter.com isn’t the best way to read tweets, but it could be. I get that the wall of Facebook and the Tweet feed want to give you the latest updates at the very top, but I know I speak for more people than myself when I say that nobody would go absolutely ape-shit for more than a day if Facebook changed their layout again. They’ve done it countless times before, and people adjust. Imagine a wall where you get the latest updates at the top, but not necessarily in a single file. Same goes for Twitter. We’re not stupid. We read from left to right(Although not everyone on this planet does, but that’s not relevant right now), in a downwards fashion. So having more than one update column would work just fine. We could fit more updates on the screen, and eliminate whitespace in the process.

Hell, even better; Let us cross out the updates we’ve read, so that we can clean up our feeds too! Obviously that only counts for social networks and/or news sites, but still. And for that matter, fuckin’ fix google.com. Everyone knows that Drive, Plus, Mail and all those other things are courtesy of google, but it’d be nice to have some linkage available at the damn “front” page.

It’d be nice. I hate white space.
Especially when browsing in the dark.