This has been rumoured for a few months now, but some avid photographers managed to snap a few shots from the set of the upcoming christmas special, set to air December 25th this year, which include some very familiar costumes, and a very old friend.


As seen in the photos, there is clearly a correlation with Hartnell’s doctor, with the costume seemingly matching that of old Billy, and in one of the photos, two TARDISes can be seen, one which looks like it definitely is from the first generation. David Bradley portrayed William Hartnell in The 2013 TV special “An adventure in space and time”, penned by Mark Gatiss, who’s written for both WHO and Sherlock on several occasions. Rumours are Bradley’s back to portray Hartnell’s doctor in the upcoming special this holiday.


Speculations about the plot of the episode are many, including it being set in WW10. My personal favorite, however, ,would be wrapping up 12 with his inclusion in “The Day of the Doctor”, where Capaldi’s very first performance in the show was set, during the redemption of Gallifrey.


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(Pictures from Twitter user @GirlyLetters)