Dear listeners. It has been brought to our attention that our host(read: domain provider) isn’t too happy about our bandwidth usage. While it’s claimed to be unlimited storage and  bandwidth, we’re actually having some issues describing “normal” use to them, and as such, the site was taken down for a total of 4 hours yesterday.

Our dear diplomat, Tom, took care of it fairly quickly, but that also means that the two latest episodes – Minecraft, and Consoles, had to be taken down, due to increased popularity of the site, and download tickets apparently going out of the roof.

Now, while we’d like to be assholes about it and cling to our rights like flies to tacky paper, it’s not in our nature to be mean to the people who provide us with a great site for a great price.

However. This does mean that we’re going to have to make shorter episodes for awhile, and look into mirroring them to ease the bandwidth, until we can find a better solution. We’ve looked into Libsys and Podbean, and they both look like great alternatives, as well as GoDaddy, and even Domain.com, but the problem is, we’re gonna need to move onto a so-called VPS(Virtual Private Server). Now, this isn’t a huge move as such, but it costs a lot more.

It’s not that we’re cheap. It’s just that the way things are now, we don’t consider this a paid gig- and it isn’t. We’re doing this because it’s fun, and we have ads on the bottom of this site to add a little revenue to it. (It’s ridiculously low, by the way. Couldn’t even buy one of us a pizza at this point.) But we’re gonna have to raise some money in order to pay for a VPS. Their pricing is as low as $29 per month, but to get it as cheap as possible, we’ve gotta pay for two years up front. Now you don’t have to be a math magician to see how that adds up to a ridiculously high number to pay up, just to get our podcast out there.


The way we see it, there’s three solutions to the matter.

  1. We close down the site, stop doing the podcasts, and thank all the listeners for a great 44 weeks of activity and love. (This isn’t REALLY an option.)
  2. We stay on the plan we’re at now, and try and make sure our files are smaller in size, which could compromise quality, but ensure we’re online and getting the content out there, albeit in smaller chunks, which means shorter episodes.
  3. We start crowd funding to pay for a two-year plan, and make sure our stuff is even hotter than ever, and ensure that we’ll have zero down-time, and no restrictions on bandwidth.


Now, the question begins. Would you be willing to donate a small amount of money to make us stay alive? We’re thinking of IndieGoGo or Kickstarter as options here.

Let us know in the comments, on Twitter or on Facebook!