Mara Jade | Star Wars Expanded UniverseThe Star Wars Expanded Universe was rocked last week when official site announced that the EU was being rebranded under the ‘Legends’ banner, which was their positive spin on the fact that none of the novels, comics or video games would have any effect on the new movies. Not that the video games really counted (Sorry Kyle Katarn).

When Owen told me the news I was somewhat taken aback, and When my girlfriend asked me what was up, I explained:

“Some pretend things are now more pretend then they were yesterday”

Then she looked at me blankly.

I’ve always liked the Star Wars Expanded Universe, I can say this with a straight face because I’ve never read ‘The Crystal Star’. In fact they were probably the books that got me reading in the first place. In school I read Shadows of the Empire, The Thrawn Trilogy, the X-wing series and they were great. I also read the New Jedi Order… well they couldn’t all be winners.

Am I surprised? Well as much as I would have liked Michael Fessbender to star in the Thrawn Trilogy with Isla Fisher as Mara Jade it wasn’t exactly likely. However turning around and saying it’s all a write-off was unexpected.

Right from the first books in the early nineties, the stories covered what happened in the Clone Wars, the time period covered by the prequel trilogy. A lot of which was either ignored or rewritten when those films rolled around, but before that, it was a nice thing to have. The prequels did a worse job explaining it anyway.

Grand Admiral Thrawn | Star Wars Expanded UniverseThe rather nice backstory to Boba Fett in ‘Tales of the Bounty Hunters’ was replaced by Attack of the Clones and rather than rebranded as ‘legendary’ Lucasfilms department of continuity (yes, that’s a thing) offered the simple explanation that all the contradicted backstory was in fact all the different rumours that had been spread about Fett.

But the movies haven’t always been a giant force of contradictions to Star Wars Expanded Universe, The Prequels did keep details such as places names such as Coruscant being the galactic capital from Timothy Zahn’s novels.

Early rumours suggest a lot of familiar ground is being covered like some of the main characters being the children of Luke, Han and Leia, so why not just keep the names at least? Don’t mention that time they got kidnapped at Centrepoint Station or The Cloned Emperors shenanigans. Just keep the names so those who know get it and those who don’t won’t know they’ve even missed anything.

It’s a shame that Lucasfilm… well lets face it Disney feel the need to make an announcement like this over what probably boils down to them not wanting a reviewer to mention something comes from a book as if people would be put off.