Whovember was a huge success. For a little podcast that have only been going for 31 episodes(plus a gaming bonus episode), our download numbers, page views and “likes” on Facebook have spun into more than double than what they were prior.

We realise that Doctor Who is a huge phenomenon, and what better way to celebrate the show than to dedicate an entire month to its 50th anniversary? There is none.

But Whovember is over. We did our part, and you sure as hell did yours by sharing our feeds and spreading the word.

This isn’t the end of our Doctor Who related episodes. Not at all. After all, there’s a huge thing coming at Christmas Day, and we’ll be all over that like kids opening presents. Unless Owen’s still opening presents, of course. The end of November is the end of our Doctor Who celebration, but we’ve got shows lined up for all of December, and come December 3rd, we’ll be back to business as usual.


Tune back in in December to have a jolly holiday month, and some best/worst of 2013 episodes!